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Membership Principles

  1. Financial stake: The collective wishes that each member recurrently contributes financially, with the goal of covering costs for common purposes, such as meetups and others. The contribution amount from each member should be flexible to their financial situation, but we suggest a default contribution amount as a baseline.
  2. Trust: The collective aims to have a high trust level in the group by seeing each other as individuals as part of contexts. This is achieved by maintaining regular communication, distributing care labour and being mindful of hierarchies that may arise.
  3. European: be related to European activities.
  4. Active participation: as a member one actively takes part in the practices that have been agreed upon by the collective.

Membership criteria

  1. Pay a monthly membership fee, flexible for each member, with a suggested baseline of 10€ (which can be paid in advance for up to 12 months). See financial stake.
  2. Be actively vouched for by at least 3 active members: A vouch should be initiated by another active member and can later be removed at any time. (see below: "Vouching" for the process, and “Membership Split” for limit cases)
  3. Have physical or legal presence in Europe, or be involved in an active collective project with at least one member with a physical or legal presence in Europe
  4. Be a natural person.
  5. If not a member for the last 12 months:
    1. Publicly introduced themselves to the existing members (ex: background, motivation, skills, etc.)
  6. If a member for the last 12 months:
    1. Voted in the last annual general assembly
    2. Have volunteered in the last 12 months on tasks required to keep the collective running and reported those contributions
    3. Have attended at least 1 of the last 3 physical gatherings.

If a member fails to maintain their active status by omitting to fulfill some of the criteria above, they become an “Inactive Member” for up to a year, and lose voting rights. An active member will contact them to understand why. The “Inactive Member” can then choose to: (1) fulfill the criteria to become “Active” again, or (2) become a “Past Member”. In the absence of answer, after one year of “Inactive” status, they automatically become “Past Members”. (see “Recognizing Past Members” below)

After fulfilling the criteria above, new members are added to a Signal group representing the collective. If members fail to maintain their active status, they are removed from the Signal group at the moment they become Inactive.


When you vouch for another member, it means: "I trust this person and their abilities to participate fruitfully in the collective. I take on the responsibility of introducing the rules and spirit of the collective, and agree to intermediate if they are part of or cause conflicts."

Vouchings are internal - public within the collective but private from non-members. For now, vouching relies on messages on Signal and your memory. Your responsibility in vouching also includes knowing who else vouches for the same person. Participate in the following ways:

  1. Add a vouch: internally message the other members of the Signal group mentioning who you are vouching for. This is also a good time to celebrate and express the good things about your new vouchee!
  2. Remove a vouch: internally message the other members and mention who you stop vouching for. The situation might call for a bit more tact and privacy: if necessary, privately message those who still vouch for that person to discuss a course of action.
  3. Query: query by messaging other members, internally or privately, about the vouching status of another member.

Membership Split

Some members may stop vouching other members such that membership would split into disjoint groups (often two of them). If one of these groups is larger than all others, that group becomes the official collective. If not, e.g. when it splits into two groups of the same size, the collective is dissolved and its assets are liquidated and transferred to the Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium Open Collective.

The other disjoint groups shall create new collectives with different names.

Recognizing Past Members

Recognition is based on mutual consent:

  1. Active members are encouraged, but not obliged, to list “Past Members” and a summary of their contributions on the collective’s public website for posterity.
  2. “Past Members” have the possibility, but no obligation, to be listed publicly on the collective website. Their active consent will be sought by active members that want to recognize them, unless the past members are not able to give that consent anymore. In the latter case, the choice of listing or not the “Past Member” is left to the best judgement of the active members.

Modifying the Membership (this document)

The '(Y)es/(W)hatever/(?)Clarification/(!)Alternative Suggestion' decision process, explained in the Voting Process document, is used to make modifications or complete rewrites of this document.