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Working groups

This listing collates information about active working groups, formed under the DIY Peach! guidelines.

Active Working Groups

NGI Pointer Peach

Communicate in a transparent manner regarding the NGI Pointer grant.

Confirmed Members:

Grants Peach

Grant writing and grant scouting.

Confirmed members:

Academic Peach

Write papers about SSB, review each other's drafts, apply for academic funding.

Confirmed Members:

Diet SSB Peach

Make SSB something that doesn't require a beefy machine. Target low-end smartphones, ARM notebooks (e.g. MNT Reform), Precursor, microcontrollers, etc.

Confirmed members:

The Bun Depot

Pushing clients forward, taking on incoming buns of various sizes wrt freelancing. The focus is funding-backed ecosystem work.

Confirmed members:

Social Hang Out Peach

Low-key, low-frequency social hang-out

Confirmed members:

Proposed Working Groups

Working groups that were proposed, but not created due to currently lacking enough interested members.

Money Peach

Defining how we handle money, receive membership fees, manage transfers, and report on budget

Contact person: Erick

Crypto Peach

Support for cryptographic related issues.

Contact person: keks

Orchard peach:

a small lighthearted peach to great SSB toys and proof-of-concepts in different stacks/languages.

Contact person: SoapDog

Stack Knowledge Sharing Peach:

Pair programming or someone holds a workshop & others can attend; c.f. arj + mixmix knowledge sharing

Interested people:

Past Working Groups

Working groups that were active in the past but were decided to be dismantled, or their purpose was fulfilled.

We don't have any of these yet, but are likely to in the future